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Re: Poll: How important is facing your own aggression in improving your aikido?

Joseph Bowen's last post "But, I think if you face and understand where your angst, aggression, anger, etc comes from you put yourself in the position to choose to transform or channel that energy that comes from that part of our psyche, to change the aggression to compassion, the angst to love. And, it is never a one time deal. It happens every day over and over again."

Well said sir, and i was just about to give you an intercontinental tongue lashing for rationalizing your way out of self improvement!

Got burglarized last week. Rather than getting out and getting help - i got a weapon and checked the house myself - nine tenths ready to kill. Old feelings not welcome back. I train for personal growth. I guess I have improved in that I did not 'see red', and part of me was willing to negotiate and not kill on sight.

Tough world sometimes.

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