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Re: Steven Seagal a true Aikidoka?

I don't think it's fair at all to base an opinion of anyone on their job. In my personal life if I was walking up to a house to see someone and they came out with a knife in hand I would do my best to simply leave. As a Police Officer that same situation would cause that person to get taken down at gunpoint, possibly harshly depending on what became Necessary. My point is this, that was my job, his job is to act in movies. When I got home at the end of the day I left work at work and became me again. Not that I haven't been a jerk in my personal life, but at work I was sometimes forced to be that jerk and in a different way.

Besides, my human nature values the occasional amount of unnecessary useless violence where no one actually gets hurt. And yes, I happen to be a fan of Segal's movies on one side and respect Segal Sensei from another side. Thanks for reading.
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