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Re: Aikido survivors (Voices of Experience)

"We must strive for perfection. Though we know we will never be perfect, unless we try to achieve it we will never be the best we can." (close) by Someone smart I can't name offhand.

I have to agree with a little bit of everyone on this post. Sometimes getting in at all was a large challenge for me (hence my temporary absence). And occasionally once I got in I was far from "my best". And having been gone for a time I am fully aware that when i return my best will not be 100% of what I could give physically the day I left, much less 110%.

I believe however that this falls under potential rather than dedication to an extant. I'm well aware that my 110% may be equivalent to someone else's 20%. Once I change and step out on that mat however I will do my absolute best to accomplish what I came there to do, even though I may not be up to my full potential due to exhaustion, illness/injury, or just a bad day. We all have bad days and random thoughts that can seriously disrupt training can't always be compartmentalized. I've had days where I've excused myself from a class and sat to the side because my body could not perform what my mind needed to (this was from an injury by the way) and days where my mind wouldn't focus like it should, but I gave 110% of what I had. I don't expect anyone to perform at the same level as me, but to perform at their own. I would hope however that fellow students (while they may not push as hard as I do) would show that they are also there to learn, and more importantly that they care, no matter how much faster or slower they are going than me. Even if your body isn't working (unless you're contagious) drag it in and open your mind. No offense intended to anyone, just the way I do things. I don't "do" Aikido for anyone else, I do it FOR ME and if it loses it's meaning and importance TO ME it's time to stop. Thanks for reading.
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