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Re: Murashige, Thielemans & Smith research


I've managed to dig a little further into Thielemans Aikido history... What I've so far found is below.

Thielemans wrote a book on aikido and the kendo in 1967 which was one of the first works written in French language on these subjects. He was a former pupil of the Naessens sensei, being in the first group of students to train with him in Belgium. He has trained under at various times with the following sensei - Tadashi Abe, Noro, Akiyama, Mochizuki, Nocquet, Tamura and of course Murashige who he accompanied in Paris and served as uke for the courses he taught there. He made two trips to Japan, one in 1970 and the other in 1974. During these trips he trained with / at the A´kikai, Kodokan, Budokai, Yoshinkan and with Sei-Kan (the dojo of the imperial palace). He was introduced to these dojo's by Nakakura sensei who was a 10th dan in Kendo.

Hope this is of some help... If I find out more, I'll let you know.

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