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Re: Aikido survivors (Voices of Experience)

In (nearly) the words of The Simpsons:

Hypnotist: "You will give 110% . . ."

Mr Burns' Baseball Team (hypnotised): "No one can give 110% . . . By definition 100% of something is as much as someone can give . . ."
I have never been, and am not likely to ever be, as dedicated as my teachers were in learning Aikido. So if I look at their example as "100%" then where am I?

Or if I say "my job is only to give 100% of what I can give", then who determines that? Do I set my own limits? If I do, am I really giving 100%?

And anyway, part of the role of teacher is to get you to go beyond what you think you can do; does that mean you weren't giving 100% in the first place?

Even if we could establish what any of this meant, do you really want a dojo where only the people who are "100%" dedicated can practice? Maybe some people do - I'd be thrown out of mine . . .

Beyond saying that people should try to practice seriously and with commitment, how can we pass judgment?


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