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Blake Newman
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Re: Steven Seagal a true Aikidoka?

Brandon Needham wrote:
I guess it would boil down to this...........Steven Seagals personal life, while colorful and funto talk about, is just that, his personal life. He is human and as a human, makes mistakes like we all do/have. His films may be violent, or more violent than what we think they should be, considering Aikido is for universal harmony and peace of mankind. But he has a job, and he does his job.

Now as for his skills/abilities..perhaps his interpretation of Aikido is different than anyone elses, but does that make him wrong?? NO, I have seen him doing real techniques and think he is the most precise and powerful Aikidoka I have seen (other than Isoyama Shihan). These are of course, my humble opinions. Others may and probably will disagree, but I truly think as an Aikidoka, he is one of the very best out there.
Agreed and well put!
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