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Re: Aikido survivors (Voices of Experience)

I have to admit that im most guilty of this - leaving aikido twice. As much as a martial arts junkie as i am, i kinda seem to have problems juggling all my passions. Maybe its a good thing since it doesnt really apply only to aikido. You see, i'm a drummer and i often have to skip wednesday trainings if the rehearsals happen to be on it too. And this happened far too often until i gradually stopped training altogether just to be on schedule with the band. Things got worse, alot of times when im training aikido i'll be thinking abt my drumming and yes, vice versa. Cant seem to concentrate on one thing unless i shut the other out completely. Kept telling myself training is training and playing is playing. And its only a matter of time before one precedes over the other. Anyhow, im back in aikido, not sure how long im gonna last this time hmm... lets see

And yes, i do agree with Amelia. The sole effort of pushing urself to the dojo is already training on the mind by itself.
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