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Re: what does religion say about ki?

Brian Barnard wrote:
My perspective to English: Do Way or The Way (the path), Ki Energy or power (the energy of the universe) Ai Harmony (also defined as Love in some Japanese to English dictionaries).
The character "ai" doesn't really mean "harmony" there are other words in Japanese that would be used for that. A better translation would be "meeting" or "fitting together", which is similar, but not quite the same. In any case "Aikido" isn't threee words ("ai"+"ki"+"do"), but two - "aiki" + "do" which changes things a little bit.

Also, "ai" as in Aikido is never defined as "love" in any dictionary. Morihei Ueshiba used to talk about "ai" as in "love", but he was making a kind of a pun on a different character with the same pronunciation.



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