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Re: what does religion say about ki?

Hi everyone me again (sorry). As I re read what i had just written I started to reflect on it some (not exactly what i should be doing at work but....). If Aiki is the power of harmony and Kiai is disrupting someones harmony with the power of Ki in the form of a shout, and we can "feel" negative feelings coming from a person (anger, hate etc...) or positive (love, happiness). If people can project their Wa, could this force be deemed as "good or evil" Ki? And following this line (and to finally be on the subject of the post) could the "presence of God" be good Ki and the "feeling the devil" be "evil" Ki? or are some "forces" simply projected a certain way or picked up by our "receptors" a certain way? I know this is contradictory to what I just posted, but there it is anyways.

I don't have any answers on these and could be way off base. Just random thoughts that found their way in. I'll be pondering this myself for a while now and would love to hear anyones thoughts on this.
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