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"After hurrican katrina"
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Re: Aggressive aikidoka

Hey, I was wondering how you made out with this aggressive behavior?

Did it get resolved, is it in progress to get resolved, or has there been put into place safeguards to deal with your problems as well as the problems for the person who thinks attacking in a mock practice is a joke outside the dojo and a joke when they ignore you disability's?

I have some serious balance problems that are making my efforts to practice a danger to myself an others, but I have been in martial arts long enough to deal with most people and most attacks, and I am not skinny looking guy that people want to attack. It is as much an attitude as it is a knowledge of know when to take steps to deal with people whose behavior is not socially acceptable or a danger to you ... or others?

From what I have read, these mock attacks are not just a physical danger, but they border on mental cruelty, which there are laws to protect people when such behavior occurs if simple talks and verbal warnings go on being ignored.

I am curious to see if it was resolved, and what methods were used to resolve this situation? We used to say that everything finds it's place at sea, especially after a big storm and a storage locker looked like some big giant had shaken everything up into a big mixed up pile ... what kind of resolution came from what kind of measures were used to resolve the problem?
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