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Re: what does religion say about ki?

Answering the question at hand (Finally)

well supposedly the last words ever found form jesus christ said:
"Chop a pile of wood and I will be there, lift a stone and I will be there, people should not spend there time worshipping me in churches, The churches are in every human being"

What I believe he meant was that the energy of life is everywhere and in everything, the place for prayer is in ourselves and salvation can be found within our spirits.

He was just touching on enlightenment, nothing more.

To answer the question of the person who wanted to know where our energy goes when we die,
I believe that our spirits go to a place I have become acustomed to calling the source this place has never existed thus can never be destroyed and it is the place that we go when being prepared for rebirth, I believe from what I have gathered that the spirit is our ki and through meditational practices energy can be manipulated and used in different ways like in the form of aikido...
zen bhuddism I think has the strongest ties to my philosophy
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