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Re: Cross training attitude question

1. Not really, I try to have an open mind about most things.

2. It made me realize that if I want to make progress in learning martial systems in my lifetime, that I can't really study 5 different things, with any degree of complexity, at the same time (YMMV).

3. It depends. There've been those that are happy to meet someone with a different background. There've been those that think less of you for having a different method of performing similar stuff. There are also those that want to test you in kata or randori, to validate their own feelings of adequacy.

Basically, my feeling on the matter is that, whatever dojo/school you're in, you're doing your utmost to perform the techniques/movements the way they're shown by the instructor. Anything else is, at the very least, disrespectful. If your only reason for being there is to show how good your stuff is, then, at the very least, you're just being a jerk (I've been on both sides of this one).

Now, having said that, I don't see an occaisional workout with friends/acquaintances from other styles/systems as really cross-training. I see it more as a learning lab where you get to try stuff out. I think the 'art' part of martial arts is where we get to find out things for ourselves, such as 1) Hey my nikkyo doesn't work if they move this way . . . 2) A single-leg takedown is not a good idea on someone that's twice my size AND knows how to sprawl . . .

That kind of thing . . . anyhow, it's finding stuff out like the above that makes it all the more fun for me (though I did slip last week when I was working boxing drills with MMA gloves and my partner tried to teach me a lesson about moving backward -- he came in tight and tried to clinch and rabbit-punch -- he was very surprised when I caught him with a guillotine choke).

Have fun figuring out what works best for you . . . and keep training.

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