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Re: Cross training attitude question

I train primarily in Ki Society but moonlight, with the permission of my head instructor, with an Aikikai dojo. Mainly this is greed, because they are both so much fun, and this way there are more classes available in a week....

After a particularly good seminar or class, I sometimes feel swept up in enthusiasm for whichever style it was, and question my commitment to the other. But this has happened enough times now, and in both directions, that I know it for what it is and don't worry about it too much.

My Aikikai friends have really stretched my ukemi and atemi skills, and for this I'm grateful. (They punched me in the nose a lot at first, but lately I even see that coming....) I still consider myself committed to Ki Society, but the ability to train elsewhere is a precious gift. I don't see them as in conflict, except when my little brain is inadequate to do them both justice, and that's about me, not about the styles.

The dark side of cross-training for me is not the confusion (I'm confused anyway, what's new?) but the temptation to use it to "prove myself"--can I really do this technique so that it works, or are my usual partners just humoring me? I haven't found this to be a good attitude on the mat--technique done with that intention tends to be done badly.

Mary Kaye
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