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Re: Poll: How important is facing your own aggression in improving your aikido?

Joseph Bowen wrote:
Seriously, folks, aggression is not a bad thing. There are times when you need to be aggressive.
Think of it this way, Irimi is aggressive, while Tenkan is not. [
What is tenkan then, passive? Sorry...passive tenkan is one of my pet peeves.
Aggression is an inherent part of our animal natures. Do we need to face it and understand it? Absolutely. Do we need to destroy it or cure ourselves of it? Not just no, but HELL no!
That's how I understood this question as well. The question wasn't do we need to be aggressive to improve, but do we need to face our own aggression to improve. I think everybody has some aggression and if you try to just push that away, you're kidding yourself.

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