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Re: Circle Triangle Square origins

As to what inspired O'Sensei I dont know, if it is a take on Omoto-kyo? posable. I do have a book from John Stevens, called Abundant Peace, found it on ebay. Thoses shapes or simbles are the three sources, witch is part of an elaborat system called kotodama, the science of "sound-spirit". This is the same ideia as the big bang therory, where the universe is said to have originated from an incomprehensibly dense point, termed Su. Suextended circularly into the sounds u-u-u-yu-mu and also expanded vertically into the sounds a-o-u-e-i. I know? me too. This cosmology was further detailed by Morihei as " one source, four spirits, three elements, and eight powers" (ichirei-shikon-sangen-hachiriki). "One source" is the single point su, andtheother elements can be diagramed as follows:
1. Kusu-mitama
: heaven,wisdom,light,principle
2. Ara-mitama: fire,valor,progress,completion
nigi-mitama: water,fidelity,harmony,propriety
4. Sachi-mitama
: earth,love,compassion,cherishing
1. Iku-musubi: harmonization,vapor,fluidity: represented by a triangle.
Taru-musubi: inhalation,liquid,unification: represented by a circle.
3. Tamatsume-musubi
: exhalation,solid,solidity: represented by a spuare.
1. Movement
2. Calm
3. Solidification
4. Release
5. Extension
6. Retraction
7. Unification
8. Division
And there you go, all laid out for you nice and neat and easy to understand, ya right.
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