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Re: Aiki Doh's

got a bit full of myself for doing my bvreakfalling ... and im inthr run up to my grading .... doing the techniques with sensei .... and did a rather nasty breakfall from kaitenage .... sat on the mat at the end ... sensei's just looking at the me .... shock leaves and tears start setting in .... sensei takes me to hospital ... im sat in the exmination room ... with the nurse and nurse practitioner ...
Nurse Practitioner "how did you do this?"
Me .. "well I was doing some falls in Aikido."
Nurse Practitioner "so ... are you any good?"
Male nurse (laughing) ... "blatently not ....
Id get over the shame .... but I fancy this guy ... and I work with him in my hospital .... now I have to endure endless teasing ... and still have to wait another two weeks until I get to go training again!
moral of the story .....
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