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Re: Favorite woods

Dear fellow budo enthusiasts,

This looks like a good thread to post my question.

I have recently the privilege to learn some Muso Shinto Ryu Jo-do syllabus. It seems like it is love at first sight. It is nothing like the aiki-jo that I know.

I understand, reading from various sources, that the red or white oak makes the best jo. However, in my training we use treated furniture grade rattan as our jo. I did a brief price survey, a jo of mediocre quality from a martial art supplier here cost approximately USD 20 -25/pc whereas, rattan being indigenous and grow wild in my country; I can purchase two dozens of them with the same amount of money.

My question being; Is rattan s good jo material?

Description of Rattan =

Picture of rattan =

Your opinion is greatly appreciated.


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