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Re: Poll: How much do you pay each month for your regular aikido classes (in US dollars)?

Hello from north of 49,

I was very interested in the poll. Here in Calgary we pay $70 CDN ( 58.50 USD) per month. I was wondering how many sessions per week do you get for your fee?

We have 6 available per week if you include one lunch hour ( Mon. Tues. Wed.Fri (lunch and evening) and Sat. Once a month we have a special session for Black and Brown (2kyu and up) belts and other students who are invited due to their dedication.

So this works out to about ( given a 4 week month) 25 sessions possible a month @ just over $2 US per session...... in these terms it seems like a deal. ( I usually do 17 / month which equals $3.45USD/session)

Since our Sensei is 6th Dan Aikikai it seems we are getting a good deal!

Please let us know about your dojo.


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