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Re: Cross training attitude question

[1: Would you have judged that 2nd style differently knowing what you do now?
2: How has it affected your priorities in training?
3: How do you feel you are regarded by the homegrown (never been elsewhere) students at a new club?

How has it been for you so far?[/quote]

coming from a wado-karate background for almost ten years and starting aikido a month ago, i can answer this i think.

1. nope

2. It has opened my eyes to a more traditional martial art something i been long looking for, i practice in private my karate kata,s as i feel there a part of me, along with the basic moves i am learning in aikido, dont think you should ever lose sight of where you come from or where your going.
3. the students where told by my instructor that i had prior training and to be honest it stands out a mile anyway, the biggest thing that stands out is the level of attack when asked to punch chudan my years of training allows me to deliver the punch clean and swift without telegraphing it, this i felt my fellow students thought i was showing of, i now feel after getting to know me they understand is just the way i do things and is very hard to change, i am also graced with a very good dojo and the instructors take a lot of time with each students working through there strengths and weaknesses which i seem to have lots of in aikido.

ref how has it been for me so far,all i can say is its the best four hours out of my week by far.
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