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Re: quickness & accuracy

Hi Ron,

Yeah - I do that too. I think it should be spelled "bare" but you are right, it's "bear" (like to bear arms/bring weapons to bear, etc.) - go figure.

Well, let's see, I've been doing that drill and those types of drills for nearly most of my training - I started in 84' and started playing with those types of drills by at least 86'. Today, if I do get my ass handed to me, let's say I can see it clearly being handed to me and I can accepted it calmly - lol. I'm am able to keep my awareness as I might be getting pummeled into the floor. The great part is that when the drill is opened up - or when we do other drills with less restrictions on both sides - that same situation most often turns around as I am through that lasting awareness able to SOMEHOW "find" that one opening I need to relieve the pressure and/or to apply pressure in my favor. If on the other hand I find I am working with someone that cannot apply adequate "pressure" for further insights (no matter what) I will very often place further restrictions on myself - such as putting my back against a wall and restricting myself from all movement and/or relying on only one arm to provide any necessary Angle of Deflection, etc. In short, there are always ways to increase the pressure no matter who you are going with and/or how skilled you may become. Moreover, there are other drills beside these - these are only beginner drills. The more advanced drills tend to be insightful no matter who you go with, nor how many times you go with the same person - this is because the variables are just too numerous and dynamic to ever become "stale".


David M. Valadez
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