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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Cross training attitude question

1: Would you have judged that 2nd style differently knowing what you do now?
I didn't don't really do a lot of 'judging', as in better or worse. More of 'where is this useful to me'. Increased experience in the things I do now has highlighted where other things are most appropriate. And what I do now has given me more power to apply even while using those other methods.

2: How has it affected your priorities in training?
It hasn't really. If I do X, I try to do X, but with good connection to the ground, staying relaxed as possible (given that I've got a long way to go in that department).

3: How do you feel you are regarded by the homegrown (never been elsewhere) students at a new club?
I'm not sure it really matters. I am sure it differs from place to place, also on when I'm there. Some days are better for me than others.

I did wrestling and kung fu / kickboxing in college, shotokan afterward, more kickboxing later, different styles of aikido, some Daito ryu (mainline and even less of another style of DR). They have all informed my base now (yoshinkan). The main problem I see is keeping things distinct and separate. Being very carefull as to what you let creep over, and when. Cross training on a regular basis is not for everyone, and I can understand that.


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