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Cross training attitude question

This is something I'm wondering about. A little question for all those who've ever cross trained.

After meeting people who have tried a 2nd style (by choice or necessity), and returned to the original style or quit altogether, I've found they often feel that the other style is "wrong" or "inferior". Or that's pretty much the jist of what they say.

My questions to all those cross trainers who have tried more than 2 styles out there, is:

1: Would you have judged that 2nd style differently knowing what you do now?
2: How has it affected your priorities in training?
3: How do you feel you are regarded by the homegrown (never been elsewhere) students at a new club?

For me, I feel I could have been less judgemental of other styles, perhaps I would have viewed them more favourably now. I've learnt to pick and choose/adapt things that work for me. And I have a felt a range of things as the new person including; feeling like the alien from out of space and/or unwelcome in some cases.

The aikido club I'm at, is a place where there are a significant proportion of students from other arts, so I've been made to feel welcome and not like some alien from outer space.

How has it been for you so far?
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