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Steve Speicher
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...guys how do i relax soo much?
Well, I'm sure everyone has there own ways of relaxing. One of the most important things in aikido is breathing. Breathing evenly, slowly, and deeply, and from your one-point, will relax you. One of the reasons this works is when you breath from your one-point, then you are breathing with your diaphragm.(sp?) As the diaphragm raises and lowers it massages the Vegas nerve. When the Vegas nerve is stimulated it causes a parasympathetic response in the nervous system (in other words, RELAXATION).

Another technique that can be employed is a psychological one. Have your sensei or someone lead you through a series of relaxation exercises. As you feel the sensations of relaxation, repeat the word 'Relax' to yourself in your mind, and associate it with the corresponding feelings and sensations. If done properly, you can set up a response system that works by invoking your trigger word, 'Relax!'

By merely repeating this word to yourself 'Relax', your body will automatically respond by relaxing. Just make sure you don't fall asleep on the mat!!!!

Steve Speicher
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