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Re: what does religion say about ki?

Ron Charron wrote:
But all appear to have practiced a lot of 'meditation'. That to me is the real key to enlightment, not the martial practice.
I would say meditation and martial practice "ought" be one and the same. Just as there are many forms of meditative practice, so too can martial practice be meditative. Through training with great intent we learn how to focus and reconcile that intent with the dictates of the reality around us. It is my personal goal to make every instant of my life a living be in the "middle of now," so to speak. To me it's much like the idea that mankind and nature are distinct from each other, which is a common conception in my experience. I think Aikido is an active and profound meditation just as I think mankind is a part of the greater nature that is reality, whether that includes Jesus, Yaweh, Dharma or whatever is the ultimate truth of the "nature of nature."
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