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Re: learning 2 arts at the same time

Chuck Meitner wrote:
.... Someone asked me the other day, "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" (Do you speak German?) and I replied out of reflex, "Un Poco" (a little bit, but that's Spanish). We both got a little laugh out of it but I demonstrates my lack of mastery over both languages. That's what I want to avoid.
I've come across that argument before: If you do more than one martial art, you will never achieve mastery in either one. But martial arts masters don't portray themselves as such; if anything, they still look at themselves as beginners. O Sensei did AFAIK. Guru Dan Inosanto has the same attitude; at a seminar in March, he advised us to "take a white belt" attitude to learning new arts. That's what he did. Anyone want to suggest he hasn't mastered anything?

When you start to think "I am a master," you're probably not. Other people may call you that, but I doubt anyone who's worth it will call themselves that. So IMHO, it's another straw man.

.....Thank you for your advice ....
You're welcome; glad I could help.
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