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Re: learning 2 arts at the same time

I believe that training in two arts would have definite negative effects (with the exception of the sword arts). The tecnique and movment of other arts are completely different. I understand many of the strikes in Aikido are based on the principle and angles of Japanese swordsmanship. Part of my "problems" with completely understanding Aikido came as a direct result of my training in other unarmed arts. I find myself forced to unlearn what I "know" before I can perform correctly (or as close to correct as I can). This is mostly a mental issue, I have to "stop thinking" Karate before I can "start thinking" in Aikido (although this statement violates all my strictures of no mind, I hope it says what I mean). I have found Aikido to help clarify some parts of Iaido and the other way around. That could just be me though, after all I'm a "sword guy"............
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