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Re: what does religion say about ki?

I see no problem correlating christian beliefs with eastern beliefs, or any other religion for that matter. The father,son,And holy ghost trinity of christianity matches the pure-mind, ego, and ki found in eastern traditions. There are countless religions that only differ in language at their root. Anyone who has a belief system prior to training in any authentic martial art will find a deeper meaning and connection in their original belief system based on their experiences. Likewise, a non-religious individual will develop a working knowledge of all levels of reality due to directly experiencing them in the course of their training. Again, the result is the same. As for ki in religion, I don't see the conflict, since almost all religions recognize everything in existence is a manifestation of it. Alot of people since the dawn of time have experienced "God",and when trying to explain what god is they found it necessary to break it down into components that could be understood. This is done not to explain "God",but to show others how to experience god for themselves. Many people have grown up over many years in a particular faith system and accept it's teachings blindly as a matter of course. Life or death martial training takes those faith systems and tries them by fire. Everything we believe is brought into question, until ultimately, all we are left with is an experience-based understanding of how reality really is. I have never met Jesus, but by all accounts the world is a better place for him having been in it. But he was not alone, there are also others who made a tremendous impact. I also remember reading in the bible when Jesus was asleep on a boat. A storm rose up and scared his disciples,and they woke Jesus up and told him the boat was at risk,and their lives as well. He calmed the storm and chastised them. Now, why would Jesus,a man of peace and rightousness, get angry and chew them out- unless they were capable of doing the same thing themselves? We all read of incredible feats performed by martial artists. Many people got involved in the martial arts for that very reason,despite their religious or philisophical orientation. That is the spirit we should bring to the dojo with us,open to all possibilities,ready to really learn through trial and error,and with our identity preferences set aside for the common welfare of our classmates. Our faith and ki will naturally display themselves in our technique as we develop into real, aware human beings.
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