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Re: learning 2 arts at the same time

Michael Gallagher wrote:
When you took math, English, a foriegn language, and gym in high school, did you get confused? No, of course not. When the math teacher said "Solve for X" you didn't spend 25 minutes writing an essay before you realized you should have been doing a math problem. And when you had to write an essay in English class, you didn't have to do it twice becuase the first time was in French.

I think the potential for "confusion" is overstated. Yeah, sometimes things in your muscle memor from one class can pop out in another, but that can be more of an annoyance than anything else. I've been doing Kali for seven years, and the whole time I was and am doing Japanese karate. Some "karate isms" pop out in Kali, but never to the point where I'm not sure what I'm doing.

There is a running gag in Kali class about confusing ettiquettes and courtiesies, but it's more an annoyance or a joke than anything else.

I don't think it matters. Some people think it's a total showstopper, but I doubt it.

Hey, do yoga and kendo and aikido if you can! And do them now if you want. I also look askance at the "get grounded in one art first before learning another." That's like saying "get your bachelor's in math before doing English." I'd been doing karate for only a year and a half when I first took Aikido; no one in either class remarked on a negative effect on me for doing that. So do what you want to do when you want to do it and don't let anyone tell you different.

Good post Michael. You had a very good point about the high school subjects.

But depending on the martial art, different languages are spoken too. This is what causes confusion for me because i take one Japanese art adn one Chinese and the terminology i have to remember can sometimes be slurred with the other art.

The physical part for me is no problem , no confusion or anything like that at all , but if you are going to do 2 different arts of 2 different origins then sometimes remembering the terminology can cause problems. But hey thats just me everyone is different.
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