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Re: Poll: How much do you pay each month for your regular aikido classes (in US dollars)?

". . . but the instructor with a salary job has distractions to his own training, his full time job. Arguably a full time instructor, when he is not instructing is perfecting his own training and technique, and therefore may be seen as more of a professional in the field. He eats, sleeps and breathes Aikido, it is his life. Not necessarily so for the salary man. "

I would not necessarily agree with that statement. I have seen far too many full time instructors be so wrapped up in making a buck that they don't train. Also, my instructor (Hiroshi Kato) is a prime example on the other end. He reached 8th dan while being a soto deshi-he held a full time job until he retired and trained at night. You don't achieve that by taking a cavalier attitude towards your training. Even though a soto deshi may not be on the mat 24-7 that does not mean their training stops nor their desire to move ahead. I know many who integrate aikido principles into their jobs in various ways and still eat, breathe and sleep the art.
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