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Larry John
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Re: quickness & accuracy

David Valadez wrote:

Thinking out loud: The other side of this, however, is to suggest that most Kihon Waza training might be seen as a de-amplifier of such things. Ouch! That is hard to say, but reason and (at least my own) experience seems to suggest that such a thing is actually quite probable. To be clear, this is not a denunciation and/or even a de-prioritizing of forms training. It is simply identifying what each type of training can and/or cannot do -- pointing out what is likely and not likely in each type of training for the sake of finding a way for both types of training to benefit each other more directly.

In your opinion, is this a systemic problem inherent in the art, or is it more a result of the way aikido is currently taught?

I believe that George Leonard-sensei's book on mastery referred to the fact that aikido training used to be much rougher than it is today. I know that more experienced heads at our dojo have said "When I was studying at "Dojo X" many years ago, folks would tell you about this opening once, then they'd hit you if you gave them the opportunity again. But we can't teach like that anymore 'cause we might get sued."

Is it also possible that the opening of aikido to those (like me) with no prior martial arts experience has lowered the overall quality of new students with respect to the attributes with which your post is concerned?

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