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Re: Poll: How much do you pay each month for your regular aikido classes (in US dollars)?

In the UK the average price of a class is 4-5 pounds ($7-9). The lowest I know of is 1 pound and the highest 6.5. Monthly fees are normally 40-50 at the larger dojos.

Another factor is association membership. Mine cost me 27 pounds and covers UKA and BAB membership and insurance. I've heard it's higher in the states?

I've often been told, "pay what you can", or "you're a visitor, you don't pay." I think that this lack of commercialization is refreshing and wonderful. One aikido instructor I trained with actually stated that money should never be reason for not training, and I never saw anyone unfairly take advantage of this generosity.

Summer Schools are the real killer at approx 300 pounds.

Try adding up all the cash you've spent on aikido over the years (add gis, seminars, transport, etc. I could be driving a Merc by now if I'd saved it!

Re exchange rates an relative wealth, this becomes an issue for international organizations. Does anyone know of an group with a tiered policy?
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