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How much does your aikido reflect your own attitudes towards retribution?

For example, would you consider using a permanently maiming atemi (say, to the eyes) if you felt genuinely threatened?

If someone attacks you with a knife do you feel entitled to use that knife if you can get control of it?

I was having a conversation with someone about this, and it felt like that we could scale this same argument to one about capital punishment. If someone threatens your life and you had the opportunity to end theirs in defending yourself, would you take the opportunity? Does your aikido style reflect this - perhaps you teach harder, more combat effective techniques to accompany the "eye for an eye" view?

When asking myself these questions, I'm finding myself to be quite the pacifist - although our dojo teaches some "aiki-jutsu" I only practice it for historical interest, imagining that I'd use only non-damaging "aiki-do" instead.

liam - Uni of Western Australia Aikido
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