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Re: Question about Aikido (Ki-Aikido)

Excellent replies by Ted and Tommy as always, now for my twopenneth..

1. If you aren't given any energy in an attack, it's not an attack. Even a static choke involves the attacker using force to some degree, giving you levers which can be used. For us, chokes etc. follow one simple rule, move before they're on - the point at which they make contact (or even enter your safe area) should be your trigger point for starting the technique. We deliberately practice at different ranges and starting in a 50-50 situation as we also don't like the "run in and fall" attacks.

2. The differences are only as great as those that exist between the aikikai dojos I've seen. The only addition is, as mentioned, the use of ki-exercises to develop posture, breathing and body awareness and less emphasis on atemi as a finisher.

3. No joint locks - ridiculous, if your source had said no sacrifice throws or sumio-toshi, perhaps (again, dojo Dependant)

Does not have... what does it have? Well, awareness has been mentioned, but it does have throws (true, not like judo unless you have to) and joint locks. I suppose I'd describe it as more akin to fencing, the power is in the timing. You evade and blend using footwork rather than block or grapple and you throw by cutting your partners balance either through sweeps, overloading the joints or using the levers your partner presents. Hope this helps.
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