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Re: quickness & accuracy


Coming back to your previous post wrt the drill which your dojo perform. There are interesting and I would not hesitate to recommend them to my sensei or adjutant sensei.

Pls aglow me to add: I have read it somewhere previously, the British Marine or some branch of their arm forces utilizes a similar kind of drill to improve their fighting spirit, or rather train them to avoid flinching when a blow lands on their face. It is where two participants step into a boxing ring, and punch each other silly with proper boxing gloves. However, unlike a typical boxing match, the participants are not allowed to block or evade the punch and they must take the punch as they land. I wonder if you are familiar with such a drill? NB: The participants are of course fully protected with standard amateur boxing protective gears.

The second drill, I come across if from my sensei. He said that the Muay Thai people splashes water into their eyes while keeping them wide open. He said that it helps to reduce their flinching reaction as well.

What are your thoughts on this two drills?


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