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Re: Poll: How much do you pay each month for your regular aikido classes (in US dollars)?

Interesting question. What the poll does not take into account is the cost of living in various areas. For instance, the cost of maintaining and running a dojo in NYC is considerably higher than the cost of running a dojo say in Columbus, Ohio. NYC is aguably one of the most expensive cities in the world whereas Columbus is not. So, your $40 in Columbus gets you much further than your $100 in NYC. Another factor to consider in the subjective cost analysis of running your dojo is in the compensation for the instructor. A full time Aikido instructor who relies on the dues and tution from the dojo to put food on the table and other ammenities would be more expensive than a part-time instructor that has a salary job. The dojo that employs a full time instructor will most likely be more expensive. Does this mean the salary job guy is not as good an instructor? Not necessarily, but the instructor with a salary job has distractions to his own training, his full time job. Arguably a full time instructor, when he is not instructing is perfecting his own training and technique, and therefore may be seen as more of a professional in the field. He eats, sleeps and breathes Aikido, it is his life. Not necessarily so for the salary man.
Ultimately though the value of the instruction is not what you pay, but what you receive. A terrible instructor charging you $100 a month is still a terrible instructor. You have to see them in order to know the difference.
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