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Re: Question about Aikido (Ki-Aikido)

Jason May wrote:
My Question ist ...

1. are there any technique in Aikido (especially Ki no Kenkyukai Aikido) to defend against choke or grab (e.g someone suddenly grab your hand/collar/hair, Bear hug , etc) ?
Yes, there are techniques against choke or grab present in Ki-aikido.
Jason May wrote:
2.Could somebody tell me what are the difference between Traditional Aikikai Aikido and Ki no Kenkyukai Aikido ? I just know that Ki no Kenkyukai focus more on Ki Development .... but how about the defensive / Self defence technique ??
Basically, Ki-aikido looks a bit "softer" when compared to traditional Aikido, but that doesn't make it weak (as some people think that soft=weak; I would rather say it's more harmonized.) Most of the techniques are pretty much the same as in traditional styles (like Aikikai, Iwama etc).

The biggest difference is in special ki-development exercises (breathing, meditation etc.) From my experience it seems that other styles don't pay much attention to this type of ki development, while some of them don't even mention ki....
Jason May wrote:
A friend of mine said, that Ki no Kenkyukai Aikido does not have Joint lock technique .... I am wondering .... What would Aikido be, without Joint lock technique ????
Joint locks? You mean things like ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo... ? I don't know where your friend got that information, but it's wrong. Ki-aikido has joint locks just like any other style of aikido....
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