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Adam Alexander
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Re: Aikido and jujutsu in everyday conflicts

Michael Hackett wrote:
Asking them if they had a problem with you could well get an answer in the form of a 9mm pistol held sideways "gangsta" style. Only the person confronted at the time will know the best answer.
Yeah, no doubt. That's why I left off with the reference to who'll face the consequences.

It's just been my experience that in those situations it's generally just a matter of animals pressing the limits.

Of the two times I've had guns to my head, once the initial shock and terror wore off (when they started talking and weren't looking to shoot anyone), staying calm and talking like a man yielded the results I was looking for.

Further, of the several houses I've been in that have been the target of drive-by's, they mostly shot high so as not to hit anyone (I believe), just to scare.

However, I've known five people who were shot (2 dead, 2 serious, 1 minor)...but never at point blank range.

So, it does happen, no doubt. But, my experience says that the Aiki way lets everyone retain their intact ego. However, I'm not saying that it's right for anyone else.

Lots of variables.
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