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Re: I Want That Wrist!

Thats really nice to hear how positively aikido has affected ur life. Tis may be off topic haha, but well...I remember when i first started in the martial arts (at around 15), it kind of brought the bad along as well. I got a little too "jumpy" at times with that new "martial instinct", I dunno if anyone felt the same was as i did but it was like i wld tend to block or deflect whenever someone's hand got too close to me. Oh boy was that annoying. Im pretty sure it must have been really frustrating for friends and family around me then ... heh.. But hell, that was some 8 yrs ago.

Aikido has mellowed my approach to combat in a great way. In fact it got to a point when i began to be overly defensive during spars and i kept getting overwhelmed by attacks. Nothing could have been worse when you were retreating and trying to wait for that right moment, when kicks and punches were coming at you all these while. Bad bad.. it took me some time to get over that mindset and back into attacking mode. Just wondering if anyone u have the same experience too?
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