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Talking Question about Aikido (Ki-Aikido)

Hallo all,

I see in almost all Clip about aikido , there are always such scene: An (Single or Multiple) student (Uke) run to his Sensei and try to hit the Sensei , the Sensei make some movement and then the student fly and make a beautiful breakfall ...
In this case , the sensei is ready to receive an attack.

My Question ist ...

1. are there any technique in Aikido (especially Ki no Kenkyukai Aikido) to defend against choke or grab (e.g someone suddenly grab your hand/collar/hair, Bear hug , etc) ?
I mean , we are not always in a standby position to receive an attack , but in reality attacker would attack us, when we are not ready , and the attacker will not always run toward you (so you can use his energy against him)...
So i would like to know, if Aikido have technique against such attack.

2.Could somebody tell me what are the difference between Traditional Aikikai Aikido and Ki no Kenkyukai Aikido ? I just know that Ki no Kenkyukai focus more on Ki Development .... but how about the defensive / Self defence technique ??

A friend of mine said, that Ki no Kenkyukai Aikido does not have Joint lock technique .... I am wondering .... What would Aikido be, without Joint lock technique ????
For sure Aikido does not have Punch & Kick like Karate .. Does not have Throw and Ground fighting technique like Judo ..... and now ... does not have Joint lock technique ... so What does Ki no Kenkyukai have ?? *Confuse*

Thank you very much.
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