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Charles Hill
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Re: quickness & accuracy

David Valadez wrote:
Hi Charles
I think this is me. What I mean by "deal with" is how do you help the student work with the psychological stuff that comes up during drills. Part of my problem here may be due to the fact I haven't figured out how to view your videos. (ok, I am a little computer challenged)

I am thinking that we are going off topic, but then again maybe not. I think a major problem with the fight in the original video is that both guys are emotionally off balanced which leads them to being physically off balanced. The voice over at the beginning says the fight is over a girl. So I think that martial drills that bring up emotional issues is entirely relevant.

If participants disengage from the drill to avoid having the "small self" revealed, how do you as an instructor, bring them back to the drill? Do you consider that part of your "job" as an aikido teacher?

"The other" Charles
btw, maybe this is all off topic, should it be given its own thread?
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