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Adam Alexander
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Re: Article: ...With the Body You Have by "The Mirror"

Although I'm not familiar with fibro, the principle of limitations on training was very nice.

I figure there's so many facets of Aikido, that we'll never understand it's the journey that's important. In-line with that, there's unlimited things we can explore within ourselves through Aikido that do not require what might be considered our "full" ability relative to an "average" person.

When we come to Aikido, even with what's considered to be a fully able body, we come with intellectual/emotional limitations which hinder us.

I think the study of Aikido helps us learn to overcome those limitations--physical, intellectual, emotional.

I feel like this is a lesson I've learned through Aikdio: I'm really not what I thought I was...I'm much less. It's by recognizing and accepting these shortcomings that give us the point from which we can begin to make real progress.

I guess, Aikido helps me recognize limitations that weren't so apparent.

I don't know. Just figured I'd drop an opinion

Forgot something. I was kind of disappointed to see the author put such responsibility on the instructor. I think it's up to the practitioner to recognize their needs and handle them appropriately...i.e, warm up and stretch before class.
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