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Re: Bill Witt Sensei Quote

This might be a good contrast - (I think it is, but) maybe not - still, either way, it's worth quoting:

By Ellis Amdur (many thanks)

"There is a beautiful Hassidic story which I'll try to paraphrase without the names, which I've forgotten. A present day teacher says, "The 1st master went into the forest and sang the songs and said the prayers. His student lost the way to the forest, but he remembered the songs and said the prayers, and it was enough. His student forgot the songs but remember the prayers and it was enough. We no longer know our way to the forest and we have forgotten the songs, and we say the prayers, but no longer remember the exact words, and it is enough"

In my opinion, when thinking of the incredible vitality of the original Hassidism, and comparing it to the schlerotic, narrow, rigid fanaticism of today's sects, it is not enough. The teacher is responsible to teach, and the students responsible NOT to be satisfied to have such a wonderful teacher, so that the prayers, the songs and the way to the forest are preserved. To make it obvious, I see aikido in the same light."

David M. Valadez
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