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Re: leather wrist guards

thanks for the responses. The link to the leather site was helpful. I will have to get them to customize a no frills one. I understand the point about relying on support makes the area weaker. I had a lingering injury that took months to heal. I don't speak Japanese, but will try to describe. It was the cross lapel grab peel off. I did not fully get the go with the opponent's move concept at the time and tried to resist. The move that causes me the most problem is the first come along I learned. Not the goose neck one , but the one where you turn the pinky side of the guys wrist in towards his ribcage making his elbow point out in front of his body. When I am uke the front spin of this move doesn't bother me, its the transition where they change direction and throw you backwards. This puts a lot of strain on my wrist. The more advanced guys lighten up a little on this part because they already know how to do it right, but when working with someone learning the move you want them to get the pressure right and after several repititions my wrists are really sore. I wouldn't wear the wrist guards all the time, only when doing moves that specifically target this area.
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