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Re: quickness & accuracy


Yes, I agree. You are right. This is a more accurate description of what is actually occurring. The drills are really just amplifiers, allowing for an amplification of what is already present in and/or going on in Kihon Waza. Amplification or magnification, of course, makes things easier to sense, to become aware of, and thus easier to address. Once we experience these revelations, our insights into the subtleties involved become more keen and we are indeed more able to address them at less-amplified levels (such as in Kihon Waza). These drills reveal only what is already always there -- no more, no less. If we see something in the drill, we not only can see it in Kihon Waza, we see it everywhere else in our lives -- only we might not always have the eyes to see with (for one reason or another). Your example of the straining singing voice is a perfect analogy.

Thinking out loud: The other side of this, however, is to suggest that most Kihon Waza training might be seen as a de-amplifier of such things. Ouch! That is hard to say, but reason and (at least my own) experience seems to suggest that such a thing is actually quite probable. To be clear, this is not a denunciation and/or even a de-prioritizing of forms training. It is simply identifying what each type of training can and/or cannot do -- pointing out what is likely and not likely in each type of training for the sake of finding a way for both types of training to benefit each other more directly.

Again, thanks for sharing,

David M. Valadez
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