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Re: quickness & accuracy

David Valadez wrote:
In my experience, it represents a kind of resistance to the present in which we are finding ourselves (for whatever reason).
Yes! That describes my experience felt very accurately.

In addition, like what was mentioned above, it also says something about how we can train in Kihon Waza just fine without experiencing this resistance (which is really the source of all resistance -- in my opinion). It might be saying that we are non-resistant only under controlled and/or what some have called "fair weather" conditions. However, under more pressing matters, our habitual reaction to resist, to not accept, to not blend, to not harmonize with, to not "welcome the attack and the attacker" (as Osensei said), comes to the forefront.
I do believe that if the resistance is there under more pressured conditions, that it's there in controlled conditions as well, only to a degree that is not easy to detect. So once you have identified the resistance, it should be possible to work on it in those conditions as well. Or I'd say it should be worked on!

If I take an example from my line of work, someone who strains their voice when they are singing on a stage will be straining their voice to some extent when they are speaking, and even when they are whispering. Actually in that case I'd start working on the whispering first -- which would be analogous to working on kihon waza? But of course there the difference is that this person already has the experience of using their voice under very pressured conditions.

Come to think of it my experience yesterday was similar to the two-on-one training I've done. It's not very "real" in the set-up, but I've had the same experience of getting stuck, wanting to blame my uke for not playing fair etc. That might be a way to work on this that is more familiar to our group. If we can do it in a way that people don't have too many "technical" "escapes".

For this reason, in actuality, should you come to reconcile this the source of all resistance, you would actually generate greater, closer, more intimate relationships with those others in your dojo. At least this has been my experience.
That's encouraging. I can sort of ...smell it around the corner...

What I'm working on, in my personal life right now, is recognizing where and when I make decisions based on fear. Like replying privately rather than on the board for example. This discussion came at a good time. A great start for a new training season.

Boy it's hard to take compliments...thank you.
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