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Re: Lack of Spiritual teaching in Japan?

suppose that it depends on what you mean by "spiritual". I think you might find this a feature of Aikiweb and other websites rather than of aikido generally. In my experience of residence in Japan since 1980, aikido is hardly ever discussed in explicitly spiritual terms, though over the years I have discussed concepts like seishin and jishin with a number of Japanese shihans, all 9th dan, incidentally.
Well, I guess I mean specifically misogi. I had never heard it referred to in terms of aikido, and I didn't know what exercises there were. Personally I am interested in Shinto, so I would like to know more about it, but really just reading about how to do a physical exercise isn't enough. I only practiced in America for the first three years, and I really don't remember hearing the term specifically, but on occasion we did what I think were referred to as just warm ups.
Really I was just curious. If those who are interested in the spiritual aspect are getting it from reading books, then I'd say there isn't much difference. on the other hand if the instructors are emphasizing it I think it's interesting.
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