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Adam Alexander
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Re: quickness & accuracy

Jon Harris wrote:
OT, I know, but I am continually amazed when these videos make their way around the web, that absolutely no one there seems to be thinking about stepping in and stopping something that shouldn't be going on in the first place!
Would any of them feel the slightest twinge of guilt if one participant ends up dead from injuries sustained in a fight that could have been stopped?
Is it just me?
If I walked up to a scene and that was happening, if one person was trying to escape, I might intervene. However, if I found out that the person trying to escape was taking the retribution for an offense he/she committed, I'd return to minding my own business.

Further, in that video, I didn't get the sense that the one going down was trying to escape...except to get out from in front of a strike--mutual combatants in my eyes. They're old enough to make that decision, I'll get a bag of pop-corn and enjoy the view.

I think to intervene between two people doing what they want in a non-threatening to others sort of way is a natural right...I've got a tendency to mind my own business in that situation.

Regarding the drills,

I'm not pro or con on those--I don't know either way. However, it sounds to me like comparing apples to oranges when comparing that stuff to "kihon waza."

The thoughts that come to mind are: Basic techniques are meant to teach certain things. Advanced techniques are meant to teach other things. Is a first kyu or sho-dan Aikidoka ready for such advanced things as what's in your drill? Is it possible or probable that by taking away from kata time to train in these drills you're reinforcing instinctual responses rather than developing Aikido responses?

I don't know any of the answers, but I just wanted to drop the reasons that I wouldn't use that style of training.

For me (from the perspective that sh'te is expected to respond with a technique--I didn't read your responses...I just dont' have the attention span), as soon as uke advanced and I didn't have a technique to deal with it, I'd go back to kata.

Again, not saying there's anything wrong with it. I'm just responding because you, apparently, were responding to something I said.
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