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Re: Aikido and jujutsu in everyday conflicts

Camille Lore wrote:
[...] drug dealers in front of our house staring us down because my partner is the head of the police department, etc. The Aikido part of me wants to just "not be there" for the attack.
Am I the only one thinking that you need bigger guns and know how to use them? Hell, that's rather a bad place to be, you have my sympathy. Frankly, this is way past self defense more like self preservation.

I am sure the Police Department can provide something like protection if you feel threatened -- regular patrols, change of address, whatever...

You can install CCTV cameras on your property to catch them in the act but I'd talk to a lawyer to make sure the evidence you gather is solid and will stand up in court.

Remember when dealing with hard criminals: they don't obey the law whereas you have to. Yeah, it puts you at a hell of a disadvantage.

Best of luck.

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