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Re: Verstšndnisprobleme bei engl. Threads

(Quote) Parvo is a common and potentially serious viral disease in dogs. The virus is officially known Parvovirus. The disease caused by this virus is commonly referred to as "Parvo". The virus first appeared clinically in 1978, and there was a widespread epidemic in dogs of all ages. Since no dogs had been exposed or vaccinated (the vaccine didn't exist at the time), dogs of all ages died from the infection. The virus can "adapt" over time, and other strains of the virus have appeared since then, but current vaccinations available for Parvovirus protect against all strains of the virus. Canine Parvovirus is thought to be a mutation from the feline Parvovirus, also known as Feline Distemper virus. (Quote end)

Hoffe, das hilft :-)
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