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Originally posted by taro
Larry, you mentioned something about studying a bit of Yoshinkan to develop self defence variations to the Shodokan style that you do. Could you elaborate on that a bit? I'd like to understand what is it specifically about Yoshinkan which makes people say it is a bit more suited for self-defense than other aikido styles. Thanks again.
Hmm, you are requesting one of the Colonel's secret recipes Taro

Let's just say that in Gozo Shioda's book, Dynamic Aikido, I realised that there were similarities between his application of atemi waza in certain techniques that, when applied Shodokan style would be devastatingly effective in self defence situations.

Like Shodokan, Yoshinkan Aikido tends to be straight to the point, no unnecessary turning and spinning of the uke into endless circles before application of technique as seen in some other styles of aikido (which shall remain nameless ).

We just take away your balance and apply a technique that works. Being more sport-oriented however, Shodokan doesn't focus on Atemi to the extent that Yoshinkan does. This is not to say that Shodokan isn't highly effective, but I believe that in self defence scenarios one must strike at some point (until one's aiki sense is so developed that it is no longer necessary), which is Yoshinkan's focus in most cases (at least from my experience).

Also, if you check out Peter's site at you will see that Yoshinkan is taught to the Tokyo Police, while Shodokan is taught ot the Osaka Police force. I don't think this decision was made because of their character building traits alone

Hope this helps.

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